The purpose of this page is to assist in finding old friends and squadron mates.  The following people are former members of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron or the 80th Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Kunsan Air Base, Korea, or the 36th Tactical Fighter Squadron based at Osan Air Base, Korea, who were sent TDY to Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam, and/or Korat Royal Air Base, Thailand in 1972, and whose address and contact information are known to Rick Keyt:

  • Ed Askins, 35th TFS
  • Dan Autrey, 35th TFS
  • Chuck Banks, 35th TFS
  • Joe Boyles,  35th TFS
  • Joe Lee Burns, 35th TFS
  • Jack Caputo, 35th TFS
  • Tim “CC” Claiborne, 35th TFS
  • Gary Corbett, 35th TFS
  • Charlie Cox, 35th TFS
  • Dave Eastis, 35th TFS
  • Hap Ertlschweiger, 35th TFS
  • Lloyd Golden, 35th TFS
  • Chuck Jaglinski, 35th TFS
  • Bob Jasperson, 35th TFS
  • Rick Keyt, 35th TFS
  • Jim “Killer” Killoran, 35th TFS
  • Phil Lehman, 35th TFS
  • George Lippemeier, 80th TFS
  • Dave Lowder, 35th TFS
  • Doug Malloy, 35th TFS
  • Joe Moran, 36th TFS
  • Mike Nelson, 35th TFS
  • John Ormond, 35th TFS
  • Jack Overstreet, 35th TFS
  • Mike Page, 35th TFS crew chief
  • Ron Price, 35th TFS
  • Jeff O. ‘Pitts’ Pritchard, 35th TFS
  • Carl Scheidegg, 35th TFS
  • Raymond Seymour, 35th TFS
  • Biff Strom, 35th TFS
  • Charlie Sullivan, 35th TFS
  • Jim Sumner, 35th TFS
  • Ron Thomas, 35th TFS
  • Cliff Young, 35th TFS
  • Dennis VanLiere, 36th TFS
  • Jim Wall, 35th TFS crew chief
  • Mickey Wilbur, 35th TFS

If you are a former member of the 35th TFS, 36th TFS or the 80th TFS and want to add your name to the list, or if you want to contact somebody on the list, send an email message to Rick Keyt at [email protected] with your name and contact information.  I’ll add you to the list if you are a former member.  If you are trying to reach somebody on the list, I will forward your email to the person you seek and that person can decide whether to respond to your inquiry.

80th Tactical Fighter Squadron

The 80th TFS Juvats have the Headhunters Association for former and current members of the squadron.  The squadron has regular reunions and is looking for lost Vietnam era Juvats to come to reunions.  See the Headhunter’s website.

Kunsan SEA 1972 TDYers MIA

If you know how to reach any of our guys that are MIA (missing in America) or if you know of names that should be added to the list below, drop me a line at [email protected].

  • Larry Culler
  • Jay Gaspar
  • Ray “Howie” Howington
  • John Huwe
  • Bill Kyle
  • Jeff Musfeldt
  • Jim Pinckley
  • Sol Ratner
  • Carl Scheidegg
  • Dan Silvas
  • Russ Stone
  • Jack Storck
  • Larry Taylor
  • Ray Vogel
  • Don Vogt
  • Phil Winkler

Deceased Comrades in Arms