The purposes of this website are: (1) be a historical vault where F-4 guys who flew combat in the Vietnam War can preserve their experiences, and (2) help aircrews re-establish old friendships.  A third reason for this site is to honor and remember the prettiest airplane ever designed that we loved to fly.

If you flew the F-4 in combat in the Vietnam War, we want you to become a contributing author on this website.  It is very easy to contribute.  Our short demo videos will show you how simple it is to create a post and add your content, including pictures and audio tapes.  If your squadron is not listed, we will create a topic category for the squadron and every member of the squadron who becomes a contributing author.

How You Can Add Your Own Content to this Website

We invite all F-4 guys from any branch of the military who flew combat missions in SEA to become a contributing author on this website.  We want people to tell their stories before it is too late.  If you would like to write and contribute to this website, complete the contact form below and click send.  Tell us a little about yourself and your F-4 background.  Contributing authors can make posts and create pages and add text, images and audio to this website at anytime.

Rules of Engagement

1.  Contributors must be former F-4 pilots, WSOs or RIOs who flew the F-4 in combat in the Vietnam War or the spouse or ex-spouse of an F-4 combat aircrew man.

2.  You must convince us that you qualify to be an author.

3.  You must sign our Engagement Agreement in which you agree: (i) you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to display and use in any format the content you upload or give to this website, (ii) you represent and warrant that all content you upload or give to this website will be original content created by you or that you are authorized to upload or give and have a written license that authorizes you to do so and will deliver a copy of the license to F-4 Phantom, LLC, (iii) you will indemnify and hold F-4 Phantom, LLC, harmless from and against any harm it may suffer as a result of you violating the prior clause.

4.  Do not add any content to the site other than F-4 related content.  Political content is expressly prohibited.

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