Joe Boyles graduated from the Air Force Academy with the class of 1970.  Joe spent 27 years on active duty in the United States Air Force.  He retired in 1997 as a Colonel.  Joe’s last flight in the Phantom was 1986 with flight test at Eglin Air Force Base.  After retiring he moved to a rural community in North Florida to manage a family forestry business begun by his father.  He is active in his community and has written a national security column for the local newspaper since 2002.  You might guess that I’m a conservative.  As of April 2012 Joe is studying to become the next priest at St. Mary’s Episcopal in Madison, Florida.

Joe was a member of the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron that was deployed TDY to DaNang Air Base, South Vietnam and later Korat Royal Thai Air Base, Thailand in 1972.  He arrived at Kunsan Air Base, Korea, as a 1st Lt. on 10 March 1972 with Doug Malloy and Ron Price.  When the squadron deployed to DaNang Joe flew first class in a C-130 and was initially signed to 421st Tactical Fighter Squadron, the Black Widows.  He flew 121 combat missions over the next 196 days until the 35th TFS returned to Kunsan.  Joe flew mostly with Capt. Charlie Cox who was also his flight commander.