The following table lists my recommended fiction books about flying the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II in combat in the Vietnam War.

Rolling Thunder by Mark Berent

They were America's brave men-seasoned veterans and young daredevil pilots with dreams of glory in the air: Court Bannister, an Air Force captain overshadowed by his famous father, driven to prove his worth to his comrades-and himself; Toby Parker, the brash first lieutenant who gambled his innocence in the flames of war; Wolf Lochert, the Special Forces major who ventured deep into the jungle to rescue a downed pilot-only to discover a face of the enemy for which he was unprepared.

Steel Tige by Mark Berent

Vietnam, 1967. America's most daring fighter pilots faced their greatest challenge in a desperate war. Now on his second tour, Major Court Bannister is hunted by a new, more determined breed of enemy and haunted by his brother's shocking act of treason. Captain Toby Parker fights a personal battle against alcohol, while flying on the edge of disaster, and Lieutenant Colonel Wolf Lochert wages a cross-border war against all enemies, regardless of the uniform they wear.

Phantom Leader by Mark Berent

January 1968. The full fury of the communist Tet Offensive is about to explode, forever chaning the lives of America's bravest warriors: FAC pilot Toby Parker, shot down over the jungles of Vietnam and trapped in the middle of a tank attack. Major "Flak" Apple, a prisoner of the North Vietnamese and about to undergo torture. Special Forces Colonel Wolf Lochert facing criminal charges for murdering an enemy agent, and USAF Major Court Bannister who has the opportunity to become the Air Force's first ace in Vietnam-but at the possible cost of his career. "Berent is the real thing!"-Tom Clancy "Berent tells it like it was!"-Chuck Yeager, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.)

Eagle Station by Mark Berent

While Court Bannister and Wolf Lochert are sent to Eagle Station to save the radar post in northern Laos from an attack by a ruthless unknown enemy, Manuel Dominguez defies Air Force rules to save downed pilots.

Storm Flight by Mark Berent

USAF Lieutenant Colonel Court Bannister, Special Forces Colonel Wolf Lochert, and USAF Captain Toby Parker face the ultimate test of their courage and skills during the Vietnam War.