This page contains videos of women USAF pilots and videos of about the United States Air Force Academy.  It’s purpose is to encourage young women to go the USAFA and then USAF pilot training.  

United States Air Force Academy Videos


United States Air Force Academy 


Day in the Life


The United States Air Force Academy – ‘Timeless’


A Basic Cadet’s first day: Class of 2022 arrives at Air Force Academy


Air Force Academy Freshmen – I Am A Cadet


Air Force Academy — Typical Day At The Academy


Air Force Academy “Day in the Life”


1st Day of Basic Cadet Training (BCT) storytime | Air Force Academy


Air Force Academy — Not All Work And No Fun


Air Force Academy Tour


USAFA Soaring / Glider Program


US Military Woman Pilot Videos

Meet U.S. Air Force Capt Lauren Ross – C-17 Pilot


Captain Tammie Jo Shults, Hero Pilot of Sothwest Flight 1380 & Former Navy F-18 Pilot


USAF Female F-16 Fighter Pilot 1st Lt. Zoe Kotnik in Kunsan Air base Korea – F-16 Pilot.  She is in the 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the same squadron I was a member of in 1972 – 1973.


Meet Capt. Zoe “Sis” Kotnik – F-16 Pilot


All Female B-2 Combat Pilots at Whiteman AFB


Captain Ellie Morgan: US Air Force C-17 Transport Aircraft Pilot

USAF Flying Videos

Military Flying Videos